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Night Victoria`s Secret  Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (001134)

Night Victoria`s Secret Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (001134)

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Night Victoria`s Secret  Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (001134)

Victoria `s Secret Night is a new perfume out in October 2013. Night is inspired by a supermodel’s night out. Provocative, warm, striking and sexy, its "tempting" notes embody glamour and intrigue. There are accords of black plum, luscious apple, exotic flowers, dark and velvety woods and musk.

TOP: Luscious Apple , Ocean Water Mist Accord, Jasmine Noir, Sparkling Lemon, Midnight Orchid, Dark Woods. MIDDLE: Hamptons Beach Flower, Tiger Lily, Black Plum, Valencia Orange, Indigo Iris, Midnight Violet, Angel Flower, Purple Peony. DRY-DOWN: Dark Amber, Sandalwood, Velvet Woods, Bourbon Vanilla, Driftwood, Tonka Bean, Velvet Musks, White Patchouli, Black Raspberry.

Victoria `s Secret Night is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. The collection also includes 250ml scented body mist and 200 ml body lotion.

The nose behind this fragrance is Lucas Sieuzac.

Perfume rating: 4.09 out of 5 with 231 votes.


Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Apple Sea water Jasmine Lemon Orchiddark woodsy notes

Middle Notes
Plum Lily Orange iris VioletPeony Angels Trumpet

Base Notes
dark woodsy notes Musk Black Amber Sandalwood Bourbon VanillaDriftwood Tonka Bean Patchouli Raspberry

Main Notes According to Your Votes

dark woodsy notes53
Sea water52
Bourbon Vanilla32
Tonka Bean32
Black Amber27
Angels Trumpet19


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User votes
poor 9
weak 7
moderate 20
long lasting 10
very long lasting 7


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User votes
soft 21
moderate 21
heavy 8
enormous 13


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Night Fragrance Reviews

I love the bottles of Victoria's Secret perfumes, and I love the bottle for this one. I like the Art-Deco-esque design. I bought it because of that and because it was the only VS perfume that smelled different than the others. ( I think VS perfumes smell the same and smell pretty cheap).
But I was disappointed that the scent doesn't last at all, and it is not a dark perfume at all. It should not be called Night.


It smells like a shower gel or even men's shave gel. I wouldn't spray it on myself. It smells cheap.


This review is for the mist!!!

This fragrance exceeded my expectations only because of the plum and patchouli combo that simply do not like but it blended very well in this fragrance. The only way I see people not liking this fragrance is because it smells a little masculine and a bit aquatic which is not common in the VS fragrance line. Everything is practically sweet, fruity and floral which is described above but this is very different in a good way.


Ugh. Just because a scent has ten plus notes to it, doesn't make it interesting. Like the poster below, I too, get mainly green apple from this. Nothing dark about it at all. I was also somewhat horrified that the bottle is so cheap looking! I ended up re-gifting this to a friend of mine this past holiday. I have no clue if she liked it, she never even mentioned it. On my skin, it smelled like dish soap.


My review is about the body mist, not the EDP.
Well... it's not a dark fragrance, the smell doesn't match the bottle. It's soft woody and slightly aquatic. I liked it because it's fresh and clean but it's something different from my citrus daytime collection.
I am not fan of VS perfumes at all, but this one is a nice daytime body mist.


This is in no way anything you would want to wear at "Night" or for an evening out. It is a lackluster daytime floral. It's nice but there is nothing special or anything that separates it from the other dime a dozen florals. Its longevity isn't very good. It only last a couple of hours on me and I have to reapply several times a day. If I hadn't gotten it on sale for $25 I would be pretty upset and I will not be rebuying.


Worst blind buy ever. I so wanted to get jammy plum from this. Instead, all I got was a green apple scent, followed by a powdery mess. After ten minutes, there was no depth, just a light clean and fresh scent. I don't think there is anything "night" about this scent. It's fresh and clean for daytime and has little to no lasting power.


To me, this is one of the sexiest and most underrated perfumes out there. Based on some of the notes I thought that it was going to be powdery on me so I was somewhat apprehensive about purchasing it.Normally tonka bean and violet stand out on me as super powdery but in this perfume they're perfectly balanced with the other notes.Thumbs up to this one.


This is one of the best bottle around. The perfume do not match and with the bottle and with the name. The scent is very fresh and simple. On the mouillette I can only smell a sort of Green apple shampoo. not else.


Tovah,i think CC Noir is Coco Chanel Noir .


A very feminine and sweet scent. However I really don't like plum...