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Natori Women Perfume BY Natori E.D.P Spray 100 ML NEW IN FACTORY SEALED BOX ONLY$69.99

Natori Women Perfume BY Natori E.D.P Spray 100 ML NEW IN FACTORY SEALED BOX ONLY$69.99

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The graceful, sensual allure of the East and the modern elegance of the West discover an exquisite balance in the effortlessly sophisticated new fragrance for women, NATORI from Josie Natori. Natori, the Japanese word for “highest form of art.” It was created by Caroline Sabas.

The Fragrance:

A sparkling floral oriental, the NATORI fragrance opens with an effervescent bouquet of fresh rose petals enriched by deep, dark plum notes. The heart is an exotic and alluring hybrid of ylang ylang, purple peony and night blooming jasmine. Slipping languidly over pulse points, black patchouli, amber and a hint of satin musk complete this mysterious and tantalizing fragrance.

The Bottle:

The NATORI fragrance bottle is a deep purple flacon inspired by the Lotus blossom – specifically the sensual silhouette of slowly unfolding petals. Made of shimmering violet-black glass there is a small clear window on the bottle façade to provide a glimpse into the golden heart of the fragrance.

Embodying divine beauty and pure love, the Lotus Flower (water lily) is imbued with great symbolism throughout Asia. Chinese poets have compared the unfolding leaves to the body of a beautiful woman emerging from her bath. The delicate, feminine form is a symbol of a folded heart opening to light and freedom. The sensuously shaped bottle is easy to handle: its tactile nature extends through every detail including the cap which is conceived to mimic a stone worn smooth by the river.

The Color:

Purple, traditionally royal, expresses its own dichotomies: balance and harmony, strength and vulnerability. The color was also chosen for its own yin / yang of cool blue and fire red. Natori was launched in 1980.

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