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Mon Parfum By M. Micallef

Mon Parfum By M. Micallef

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Mon Parfum was created originally by Geoffrey Newman, Martine Micallef’s husband as a gift to his wife, a scent all of her own. It took years of persuasion by friends for her to finally release the beautiful fragrance as part of her collection. It is not surprising that the perfume created with love, is so sensual and lush. The combination of passion fruit, vanilla and caramel lends Mon Parfum a luxurious feel, making it rich and at the same time silky smooth. It is also not surprising that this very personal fragrance has a certain quiet, intimate quality; it draws the wearer into its soft depth, never overwhelming but rather comforting with its delicate sweetness. The fresher floral and citrusy notes as well as vetiver balance the gourmand accord beautifully, lifting the composition, while the deliciously earthy patchouli note grounds it further, enhancing the sublime sensuality of the blend.

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