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Chanel 1957 Chanel Unisex Concentrated Perfume Oils (002169)

Chanel 1957 Chanel Unisex Concentrated Perfume Oils (002169)

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Chanel 1957 Chanel Unisex

The fragrance will be available worldwide from mid March 2019. An assembly of eight white musks, 1957 is structured like a layered composition of transparent, translucent and opaque veils. An immaculate superposition, comfortable and enveloping, soft, almost cushion-like. One can imagine one of Gabrielle Chanel’s beloved pearls, its delicate contours rendered imperceptible by the changing reflections: the matte whiteness of certain musks blends into the iridescent pearl of others. In this interplay of depths, woody, honeyed, spicy and floral vibrations create a luminous, powerful and sensual prominence. Vanilla and honey notes thus slip into the white musks, some with a hint of cedar, others with pink pepper, coriander seed or orange blossom.

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