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Oat & Cornflower Jo Malone London Unisex Generic Oil Perfume 50 Grams (004170)

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Oat & Cornflower Jo Malone London Unisex Generic Oil Perfume 50 Grams (004170)

"English Fields Collection Q&A with Celine Roux, Head of Global Fragrance, Jo Malone London and Mathilde Bijaoui, Master Perfumer.

Celine: This was the first fragrance we worked on. The creamy oat colour was a great contrast to the blueish-purple cornflowers. Mathilde came up with an accord to represent the oats, which are rough at first but turn into something very silky, wholesome and mouthwatering, with an addictive and sensual texture. She brought to it an almost invisible flour-like touch using a synthetic white musk, that’s not overly present but gives it the modern Jo Malone London twist.
Mathilde: I wanted to replicate the nuttiness of oats so I included some hazelnut, and enhanced the fragrance with a warm, sweet tobacco, bezoin and earthy vetiver. For the cornflower effect, again there is no direct extract so I created a very poetic concept using hedione, which has a fresh, airy floral scent. It opens up the fragrance with a luminous transparency that’s synonymous with Jo Malone London.

Wholesome oats gathered from the field, fit for a hearty feast. Warm and delicious. Enlivened by vivid blue cornflowers and a hint of hazelnut. Complemented by an elegant vetiver base." - a note from the brand.

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