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Adidas Moves Pulse Her Adidas Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (00082)

Adidas Moves Pulse Her Adidas Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (00082)

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Adidas Moves Pulse Her Adidas Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (00082)

To celebrate return to school and beginning of a new school year, Adidas is inviting you for a fun prize competition and is launching two perfumes, for girls and boys. The competition starts on October 22nd 2010, and anyone can participate if one uploads s video by that date. Show the world around you, your 'ultimate move', sport, music and rhythm, work on the short video alone or with a friend.

Theme of the prize competition is movement, energy and sports, with the slogan: "Do not just sit. Move up. Pulsate."

Two new fragrances were announces with the prize competition, Adidas Moves Pulse Him and Adidas Moves Pulse Her, the scents of which will make you move and play, and invite you to live life to the fullest. Their dynamic compositions are intended for those who aspire to an active and athletic life.

Edition for women ADIDAS MOVES PULSE Her offers a vibrant fruity composition created of Pink Lady apple, Mirabelle plum and red orange zest in top notes. A heart incorporates violet, fresh tulips, flirtatious night freesia and blooming jasmine, while a base finishes with amber and sensual blond wood. The fragrance can be purchased as 15 and 30ml EDT.

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