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Ungaro Man Emanuel Ungaro Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (00542)

Ungaro Man Emanuel Ungaro Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (00542)

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Ungaro Man Emanuel Ungaro Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (00542)

Ungaro Man, the latest creation by the house of Emanuel Ungaro, is dedicated to a charismatic man, who is a real seducer of our time. The new, fresh edition with an extremely sensual concept expresses sexuality and masculinity in a game with fashion, trend and style.

Its curved bottle has the same form as the seductress Ungaro 2007 for women, designed by Sylvie de France, but is painted in blue nuances and introduces a breath of freshness. Dark package features iridescent logo in silverish-blue colour of night and moonlight on water surface, which is fitted in with the modern bottle perfectly.

Composition of the perfume Ungaro Man opens with fresh and aromatic basil aromas, adding mild, spicy tobacco, showing a new view of harmony of Mediterranean freshness this way. Elegance of the whole composition is rounded with cedar, which is classic, but also youthful and modern in the same time.

Besides the perfume, there is an accompanying line including shampoo and 150 ml perfumed bath. Ungaro Man was launched in 2008.

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