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Halle By Halle Berry Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (000276)

Halle By Halle Berry Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (000276)

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Halle By Halle Berry Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (000276)

The first perfume by famous Oscar winning actress Halle Berry is due to appear on the market in March 2009. This woody oriental perfume carries the actress' name,Halle.

Berry herself stated that, before she had had her perfume, she had been mixing fragrances by other brands to make her own scent with fig and mimosa. She added olibanum, an African root, which brings spicy aromas to the fragrance, and sandalwood, which smooths transitions in the composition and makes it gourmand. The perfume is very sensual, very natural, very much reflective of the outdoors, as Berry says.

Advertisement for the first perfume by Halle Berry was filmed in Hawaii. Halle is wearing a white, see-through dress with a bikini under it. The fragrance representsHalle Berry, her temperament, sensuality and beauty. It was being created for a whole year till its final composition was achieved to show the actress' passionate character. The perfume was developed in cooperation with Coty.

The collection includes 15, 30 and 50ml EDT, 75ml perfumed deodorant, 200 ml body lotion and 200 ml bath.

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