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Kalemat 100 ml Mix (Oriental & Western) Spray By Arabian Oud

Kalemat 100 ml Mix (Oriental & Western) Spray By Arabian Oud

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Created from pink musk grapes flowers and star anise flowers, we poured an odour touching dreamers thoughts to flow like poetry. Mixed with mahogany wood, rosemary flower and cashmere wood. It is a treasure to give as a present to commemorate beautiful memories, with tilapia amber, musk and honey will make you feel glamorous fragrance and unique in a special wayFlorentine iris flowers and almond flowers with jasmine flowers and cedar wood Atlantic and nutmeg and Patchouli flower and rosemary.

من عـنب الـمسـك الـوردي سـكبنـا أريـجاً يـداعـب فـكر الـحالمين فينساب كالكلمات شـعراً فهـو كـنزٌ يلـيـق بالإهـداء لـتخليد الذكريات الجميلة فهو عطر يــشعرك بـحقـيقـة الـعطر الـفاتـن و التـميز الفـريد.

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