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Attar Al Ghutra Swiss Arabian Perfume 1 x 100 ml Spray

Attar Al Ghutra Swiss Arabian Perfume 1 x 100 ml Spray

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Attar Al Ghutra is an offering from Swiss Arabian Perfumes as a tribute to the traditions of the Arabian Land.
Arabic headgear ghutra is an integral part of the Arab men’s attire that was introduced to protect form of climatic conditions in the region Ghutra signifies dignity and status of Arab men.
It is also a part of fashion statements.
Attar Al Ghutra is a powerful masculine fragrance with the characteristics modern blend of leather and agar wood The fragrance opens up with the fresh note of bergamot, mandarin, leather, saffron, and thyme.
This evolves into a strong heart note of sandalwood, leather, suede, amber and agarwood. The fragrance of Attar Al Ghutra is captured in a bottle with a replica image of Ghutra, sealed with a masculine silver metal cap. This bottle is presented in a wooden casket with Ghutra design in leather finish.

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