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Kalimat Swiss Arabian 15 ml Concentrated Perfume Oil

Kalimat Swiss Arabian 15 ml Concentrated Perfume Oil

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Kalimat means words, the fragrance is mix of the herb, smoky. smooth and deep: a mellow yet deep and distinct fragrance high. 
Rich and hypnotic, with dark and dangerous notes like coffee, oud and tobacco, this is a beautifully relentless and utterly enveloping scent.

The 15 ml bell shaped bottle of Kalimat with an ornate crystal cap features an intense spicy and woody aroma that intoxicates the wearer as well as anyone else in the vicinity. The fragrance develops with top notes of rich Indian essential oils and Indian Oudh that soon dissipates into spicy Indian cedar and sandalwood oil. The base notes of oudh, black musk , vetiver and vanilla ensures that the fragrance lasts longer than the usual ones. Made up of natural extracts, the perfume is 100% natural.

Top Note
Rich indian. Essential 0ils. Oudh hindi. 

Middle Note
Indian cedar. Indian sandal wood oil. 

Base Note
Oudh, black musk & vetiver pure and natural, vanilla.

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