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A*Men Ultra Zest By Thierry Mugler Generic Oil Perfume 50 Grams / 50 Ml (001372)

A*Men Ultra Zest By Thierry Mugler Generic Oil Perfume 50 Grams / 50 Ml (001372)

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A*Men Ultra Zest By Thierry Mugler Generic Oil Perfume 50 Grams / 50 Ml (001372)

After irresistible and very intense aromas of coffee, precious wood, masculine leather, Cuban tobacco and sweet spices which marked previous versions of the famous A*Men, positioning them successfully in the world of fragrances, this year Mugler tingles the imagination with luminous citruses blended with the popular composition of the original perfume. By creating a harmony of aromas with the accent on juicy, luminous and optimistic citruses Mugler introduces a new, strong version which perfectly combines layers and continues to surprise us regardless of the numerous editions and versions.

The composition of the latest edition THIERRY MUGLER A*MEN ULTRA ZEST introduces a new dose of juiciness, tartness and strong accords of red orange and tangerine cooled additionally by mint along with tart-lemonish ginger in the opening. As the composition develops, we will feel fine aromas of coffee (repeated from numerous version of the original) blended with sweet spicy accords of cinnamon and black pepper. A game of warm, bright and cold notes stretches all the way to the base created of warm and deep notes of vanilla, patchouli and tonka. The latest fragrance of the house of Thierry Mugler results in a top quality woody composition spiced well with a game of warm and cold spices and refreshed with citruses, evoking the pleasant feeling of summer mornings and the first rays of the sun tingling and warming our skin. The perfumers of the composition are Jacques Huclier and Quintin Bisch of Givaudan.


The new flacon of fragrance A*Men Ultra Zest repeats the design of previous editions and this time it arrives in a strong orange color with a star iridescent in shades of orange to yellow. The fragrance has been available since early 2015 as 100 ml Eau de Toilette. A*Men Ultra Zest was created by Jacques Huclier and Quentin Bisch.

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