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Not A Perfume Juliette Has A Gun  Generic Oil Perfume 50 ML (001184)

Not A Perfume Juliette Has A Gun Generic Oil Perfume 50 ML (001184)

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Not A Perfume Juliette Has A Gun  Generic Oil Perfume 50 ML (001184)

The new non-perfume is arriving from the house of Juliette Has a Gun in September 2010. Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume in not really a perfume but fragrant AMBROX in a flacon.

C16 H28 O is formula of Ambroxan, the only key ingredient in this non-perfume. Ambrox was born in the 1950es in Firmenich as substitute for grey amber which was very expensive for a common use in compositions. Ambrox is typically used as one of base notes of compositions, while it has a leading role in this non-perfume.

Juliette Has A Gun Not a Perfume is a provocative declaration which does not follow the rules of modern perfumery. Not a Perfume is based on contradictions, since its composition is created of molecules and is the only fragrance without allergens.

Not a Perfume is available in characteristic flacons of 50 and 100ml.

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