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Ylang Austral Givenchy Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (001150)

Ylang Austral Givenchy Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (001150)

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Ylang Austral Givenchy Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (001150)

The fashion house of Givenchy presents a new exclusive collection called L’ Atelier de Givenchy, which contains seven fine fragrances made from rich raw ingredients that evoke the Givenchy fashion creations and materials. Each fragrance is accompanied by a special fashion sketch. The scents are: Ambre Tigré, Bois Martial, Cuir Blanc, Chypre Caresse, Néroli Originel, Oud Flamboyant and Ylang Austral.

Ylang Austral is a scent that, like Givenchy couture fashion, combines structural precision with freedom of choice of materials. It is described as exotic, chic and radical scent of luxurious woody - floral warmth. It is composed of mandarin leaf, ylang - ylang and sandalwood.

The fragrances are available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum .

Ylang Austral was launched in 2014.

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