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Our Impression of Chopard - Aigle Imperial for Women  Niche Perfume Oils (2315)

Our Impression of Chopard - Aigle Imperial for Women Niche Perfume Oils (2315)

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Our Impression of Chopard - Aigle Imperial for Women  Niche Perfume Oils (2315)

Aigle Impérial pays tribute to the majestic jade-green forests and imperial gardens of the Far East, treasuring sacred temples and magnificent palaces bathed in the vital energy of nature. The Master Perfumer has envisioned a natural and airy oud with an intense woody heart and a vegetal breath of fresh, ethereal air, blended with the mysterious notes of dark incense. Recalling that in its history oud bore the name of Eaglewood, Aigle Impérial captures the heights of a vibrant and rejuvenating freshness, one that accompanies the mystical silence of a Far East undergrowth at dawn.

"I pictured a perfume as high and airy as the flight of an imperial eagle over the majestic forests of the high mountains of Asia, hiding sacred temples and magnificent silent palaces. I wanted to exalt the contrast between the pure and intense jade-green freshness of the forest with the woody resinous heart of Oud Assafi, and the mysterious wisps of smoked incense. A natural, aromatic, and oxygenated green oud that I have engorged with the golden light of mandarin, lemon, and citron; the limpidity of green tea notes and ginger; and the intensity of patchouli leaves." - Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer

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