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Dhanal Oudh Nashwah 40 ml Eau De Parfum By Rasasi Perfumes

Dhanal Oudh Nashwah 40 ml Eau De Parfum By Rasasi Perfumes

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Unique, precious, sensual, mysterious ... Let yourself be seduced by the noble oudowi that will take you into another dimension. Takes you on a journey to the land of oriental scents and an unforgettable experience. Hand in hand with the original composition, goes appearance of the bottle and packaging - a simple, dark bottle, locked in a very unusual box, stylized wood.

Nashwah is a strong, unusual proposition for people who smells spicy, dusty and intoxicating. Although in the mix appears here oud is merely an adjunct podkręcającym expression strongly spicy nutmeg and immortelle. It is rare that the dog tag was provided on non-sweet way, and Nashwah entire composition revolves just around the roots, which highlights the nature of the skin dry and cedar. The aroma is very original, interesting, perfect for chilly days. Great for you as well as for men and everyone will find something for themselves. The proposal, which should not be missed.

The power of nutmeg in a pure form: wonderfully dusty, dry aroma sticks braided oil of Immortelle, spiced with juniper bitter, closed in leather and oudowej database. This mixture creates a smell strong, extremely uncompromising, calling from a distance that the wearer is confident and knows what she wants. Position is not to be missed.

Top Note:  
Honey , nutmeg, oud.

Middle Note: 
Immortelle essential oil , prickly juniper oil , oud.

Bottom Note: 
Cedar , leather, amber , oud.

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