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B Boucheron Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (0007)

B Boucheron Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (0007)

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B Boucheron Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (0007)

B by Boucheron is an edition for women presented in 2008 and it celebrates the 150th anniversary of jewelry creations by this house and 20th anniversary of perfume creations by Boucheron.

The perfume was created in cooperation with perfumer of the house of Givaudan, Ursula Wandel. It is created of aromas of cedar from the Atlas Mountains, patchouli, osmanthus, apricot, spices, rose absolute and orange blossom.

The bottle was created with a real touch of jewels and was inspired by jewelry collection Boucheron’s Exquises Confidences (Exquisite Confidences) by this house, especially luxurious pleat and oval gem – green emerald in the central part of the top.

The name 'B' is the first letter of the brand inspired by a combination of classic French letter in Art Nouveau style.

The perfume B is available as 50ml EDP (1.7oz) for $110 and 100ml (3.4oz) EDP for $155, as well as in special edition of 2 l splash, for 4000 dollar. 15 ml perfume, 200 ml bath and 200 ml body lotion are also arriving.

The perfume B by Boucheron will be on the market from autumn 2008.

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