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James Bond 007 Eon Productions Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (001166)

James Bond 007 Eon Productions Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (001166)

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James Bond 007 Eon Productions Generic Oil Perfume 50ML (001166)

Besides a "license to kill" James Bond has his disarming fragrance, starting from 2012. Eon Productions, in charge of all James Bond movies, and Procter & Gamble Co. are launching a new, aromatic-fougere fragrance that brings us back to the 60s. The new fragrance James Bond 007 also celebrates 50 years of the James Bond film franchise and announces the 23rd Bond movie, "Skyfall," expected in cinemas in November 2012!

James Bond 007, the masculine fragrance of the famous hero will be on sale next month, exclusively at Harrods. Its retro, aromatic-fougere composition is created of notes of fresh apples, cardamom, sandalwood, vetiver, lavender, coumarin and moss. This accentuated combination of the aromas of ferns and moss gives a unique seal to the new men’s edition. James Bond 007 was created through the cooperation of Eon Productions and perfumers of the house of Givaudan!

The bottle is dark green and robust, created of glass and having a coarse mesh structure. The silver ring-shaped stopper was inspired by a number of British spy gadgets and the engraved logo "007" is emphasized with a smooth satin ribbon that decorates the center of the bottle. The fragrance is available as 30, 50, 75 and 125 ml EDT.

The fragrance does not represent any of the actors chosen for the role of the popular agent, but is constructed more like a conceptual presentation of Bond's world. The advertising campaign was designed by Greg Williams, who created the campaigns for the five previous Bond films. The campaign will announce the new movie "Skyfall" to all media starting this autumn.


Perfume rating: 3.28 out of 5 with 222 votes.


Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Apple Bergamot Geranium

Middle Notes
Rose Lavender Cardamom

Base Notes
Vetiver Sandalwood Patchouli Moss

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poor 28
weak 18
moderate 21
long lasting 14
very long lasting 4


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soft 50
moderate 29
heavy 6
enormous 4


This perfume reminds me of  
Karl Lagerfeld for Him
Be The Legend


James Bond 007 Fragrance Reviews


This was a sub-par fragrance. Honestly the best par about the whole thing was the bottle. Then again it WAS a handmedown from a friend of mine. Honestly I just gave it back.


I bought this one when it first came out and was on display in Harrods.

It is ok, nothing special about it and to me it has the same vibe as Boss perfumes, very similar character imo.

I can smell apple, citrus, roses, wood and although it's not mentioned here I can also smell vanilla, good portion of it. The patchouli is weak but present.

It's not fresh on me and because of that it suits the evening and more formal occasions.

Glad I had it but wont buy again, nothing special about it


I got this for my first Christmas with my husband because I liked the lavender/mint/fresh scent and it wasn't too heavy or old-smelling. Will I graduate him to a new cologne for his next birthday or next Christmas? Yes. Was it perfect for newlywed 22-year-olds? Also yes. Who cares that it's James Bond? It has a suave bottle and an enjoyable, mild, fresh and natural scent (I have no idea why people think it smells like apple pie. NONE.), and that's exactly what I wanted for him.


Nice fragrance, not too offensive, suitable for everyday use. I like it. Some say it has poor longevity. Hm, wouldn't say so, I sprayed it in the morning (9 AM), it's 6:30 PM at the moment and I still can smell it on my wrist. Sillage is as it should be, soft and nice. Excellent office fragrance, but good for the first date as well.


not good enough. poor longevity and sillage. longevity less than 2h on my skin. mind you, I m using in tropical weather, 30C+ and 60+ humidity. not a good summer juice. waste of money.


I got my bottle for about £12. Nice fragrance, but so weak. Do the manufacturers actually know that edt's should be stronger than this? I won't buy it again, unless it goes down to £3!


My 9-year old son smelled this at Walmart and wanted it. I think it was $25 at Walmart but I found it on Ebay for $9 with free shipping. Done. Received it today and he loves it. I sprayed some on the back of my hand to test it out. It smells nice. Nothing too complex here but certainly nothing offensive.


I was given this as a gift and found it to be a fresh scent. I basically smell a citrus note and it remains there until it disappears. I agree with Forget Freeman 100% a very good scent when you want to blend in and be acceptable. The conference cologne for when you don't want to stick out but be part of the group dynamic. Harmonious... yes, that is the affect of the cologne. I doubt anyone could ever be offended by this scent for you will never come off as assertive.


As people on here have stated, just a fresh scent, nothing that distinguishes itself from similar fragrances.
In saying that, I do like it, I would recommend it for times when you are going to be around people you do not know (conferences/travelling/events) as it is calm and pleasant and sits close enough that only people who know you well enough to be close to you will notice.

Longevity tends to be better for me when applied in the evening. When I spray for heading out for the night I can still smell traces of it when I lay down to sleep. When I spray in the morning (standard neck, chest and wrist) it is all but gone at at lunchtime.

As with these types of scent a spray on your undershirt/t-shirt will do wonders for helping it project.

I would recommend getting it when on sale, I am on my 2nd 30ml bottle and it does tend to be on a lot of "deals of the Week, 2 for 3" type sales a lot.


Soooooooooo nice and refreshing smell, if it only would last more, it´s ridiculous longevity´s bad joke, and for the Price not a chance.


I got to try this today...
I really liked the smell.
It smells FRESH!
I like it!!!
But I had to keep spraying because it didn't last long.


WORST longevity and sillage you can ever experience... even the £ shop aftershaves last longer than this JAMES BOND 007 which retails for around £46!! what a let down thumbs down hate it wasted my money!!


the crap isn't even close to being worthy of the bond/007 name association.

bond would have NEVER smelt of apples.


Fresh green apples. That's the main scent to me. Green apples, along with lavender (probably trying to add depth) and sandalwood to give the (failed) warm embracing feeling.

I think this one could have been MUCH better, even with the same notes, but is not. Is usual, casual, office-friendly everyday scent.

Not bad, but not great. Only regarding the smell, the price is actually fair. The smell is good. Common, but good. But sadly, it lacks sillage and longevity.

Even focusing on James Bond, is more of a everyday college guy scent. The one you could use in the morning, for classes, at the afternoon at the bar and later at night being intimate with

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